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Hi there! I’m an ex-academic in love with food and stories.

‘Delicious food, very personable and friendly teacher, fun hands on!’



“Guiditta is a wonderful person, and an amazing teacher.
Our fellow students were very nice, we all felt like old friends.
It was one of the most fun and informative evenings we have experienced.
We shared a couple of bottles of Italian wine.
I look forward to participating in another of Guiditta’s classes. Care had a very good time as well. The pasta was so light and heavenly.
The Tiramisu was as good as any we have had anywhere including Venice.” 



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Apple strudel

One of the thing I love most of Italian food is how a recipe can be focused on only one ingredient and yet can make the most out of that simplicity. Apple strudel is an example of such a recipe. This is not a Tuscan recipe since it belongs to the Trentino Alto Adige/Sud-Tirol region, … Continue reading Apple strudel

Ricotta and spinach dumplings with olive oil, sage and rosemary

These creamy, pillowy dumplings are a typical dish from Florence called Gnudi that in Florentine dialect means naked. Naked because they are made of the ravioli filling without the pasta dough covering. The recipe is very simple and use common ingredients that are often found in Florentine households : ricotta, spinach or chard, eggs and … Continue reading Ricotta and spinach dumplings with olive oil, sage and rosemary

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