Cooking experience

During the 3 hour class we will explore regional food, or actually ‘micro-region’ food since every 50 km everything changes – the recipes, the anecdotes behind the recipes and all the unwritten rules about food in Italy. Italy is mostly a country where rules are treated more like suggestions, but we are pretty strict about food!

Home-made pasta has a special role in the class. It is the thread that gathers all of Italy’s diverse culinary traditions together.

I’m absolutely in love with olive oil and I use only the one that I bring from Italy every time as I visit there. Same attention for the wine. I usually fall in love with products not only because they are good but also because of the stories of the people behind them.

The key to Italian food is that it is prepared to be shared and experienced, not just for filling your stomach. A lot of social activity in Italy is around food, which is supposed to be consumed leisurely. This is not a lecture class, but a very ‘hands on’ class where everyone will get to cook.